Eberswalde Guide

Close to Berlin and surrounded by forests and lakes – the city of Eberswalde has a lot to offer. Since the Thinkfarm is located close to the city center, it is a short walk to both the train station and numerous nature spots, restaurants and leisure activities. Make the most out of your work day by checking out some of Eberswalde‘s hot spots:

Photo: Luca Giesinger

Close that laptop and off you go into nature: From the thinkfarm it‘s only a 3 minute walk to the Finowkanal, a channel flowing right through the city. Whether you want to read a good book lying in the grass or biking along the waterside esplanalde – the green banks of the channel are a wonderful place to relax. You can even rent a canoe here for the ultimate after-work adventure!

If you are longing for some peace and quiet, you don’t have to go far either: A 6 minute bike ride takes you straight into the forest. During summer it‘s the perfect place to cool off. During winter you can enjoy long quiet walks and the earthy smell of pine trees. Plant lovers can marvel at hundreds of tree species from all over the world in the Forest Botanical Garden (10 min. by bike).

Photo: Luca Giesinger

Photo: pixabay

After a long day of sitting it‘s vital to get your body moving! Cycling or jogging along the canal, swimming at the baff Freizeitbad (12 min.), working out in the Colosseum gym (3 min.) or bouldering in bloc.48 at the Rofinpark (15 min.). There is something for everyone! Every Monday evening there is even a Yoga class in Tanzsalon Zippel right around the corner.

Hungry? Right next to the Thinkfarm there are 5 restaurants and takeouts: Mr. Ky (asian cuisine), Döner Aslan (kebab), Towa Sushi, Kleinschmidt (mediterranean cuisine) and Pizza Point. Kobamugasmus also offers a delicious lunch menu on Fridays. If you’re up for cake for dessert, Wiese bakery (5 min.) and Alte Post Cafe (5 min.) have your back.

Photo: Luca Giesinger

Photo: Luca Giesinger

Eberswalde also has a lot to offer after work. Just hit up bars and pubs like the Mundtshof, Studiclub or the Kiez Eck for a beer with your colleagues. Or you can take your bike to the Schwärzesee, Werbellinsee or Oder-Havel-Kanal and end the day with a swim!

That‘s that for a small insight into our beautiful town. It’s definitely worth it to just drop by and discover the rest for yourself!

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