Faces behind the thinkfarm

Who is actually behind the Thinkfarm? At our small opening ceremony for the new premises, we took the opportunity to take a recent photo of the three partners. Ingo Frost, Sven Gumbrecht and Madlen Haney founded Thinkfarm as a GbR a few years ago and have been running it alongside their main jobs ever since.

Ingo is a full-time programmer and specialises in medium-sized and small WordPress websites. He also works as a moderator and supports groups, e.g. with start-ups. Madlen is part of the citizens’ energy cooperative Inselwerke and is committed to the energy transition in the region by installing and operating solar power systems and charging stations. Sven is an expert in data protection, corporate and IT law for freelancers, non-profits and SMEs.

The three of them have known each other for many years and while looking through the Thinkfarm photo archive, we stumbled across the last GbR team photo ((c) Christoff Gäbler), which was taken at the opening of the original location in 2018. We look forward to the next photo in 5 years 😉

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