What is Coworking?

Coworking in a nutshell

Coworking is a revolutionary way of workplace organization. It acknowledges the needs and struggles of freelancers, remote employees and start-ups and provides flexible solutions. Anyone who has worked remotely knows how difficult it is to maintain an effective work environment at home. And you don‘t get to see any people, either! Coworking can change that. It thrives on sharing resources, ideas and knowledge. This way, everyone saves money and at the same time they create a community.

In short, the concept of coworking is similar to sharing an apartment with room mates: Instead of each renting their own apartment and paying all the bills, several people share rooms and resources. This allows them to afford a larger space , help each other with responsibilities and build community.

What is the Thinkfarm?

The Thinkfarm Eberswalde is a coworking space where we put these ideas into practice. Here, we share workspaces and meeting rooms with a growing community, exchange knowledge and even work on joint projects. The best part of coworking in the Thinkfarm is definitely how so many people from various fields of work come together: From psychotherapist to lawyer, graphic designer to project collaborator to energy cooperative – it‘s a diverse mix. We all share the desire to develop and implement creative approaches to social change. As a community, we eat together every week, exchange ideas about our work and share tasks.

Do you want to try out coworking?

Are you sick of working all alone in your living room? Then come to the Thinkfarm! Depending on your needs, you can either work at a vacant desk of your choice a few times a week or rent a personal workspace where you can leave your stuff. Or you can just come in for a few hours every now and then – there’s something for everyone. By renting a desk you get free access to wifi and power outlets. If you wish you can even get your own key for 24/7 access, a mailbox and your own company sign at the entrance.


Come and visit us at Eisenbahnstr. 92/93, 16225 Eberswalde or contact us here:

Emily Stiers (Coworking Host), host@thinkfarm-eberswalde.de, 03334 / 3010056

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